15000 Prize Bond Draw Result in Lahore City on 3rd April 2017

15000 Prize Bond Draw Result in Lahore City on 3rd April 2017

15000 Prize Bond Draw Result in Lahore City on 3rd April 2017

15,000 Prize Bond Draw have been a blessing for this the citizens of Pakistan, 15,000 Prize Bonds Draws investing your money in prize bonds means that your money is completely safe and you even sometimes or most of the times get money based on your 15,000 National Savings Bonds Draws and it’s draws number. Every 6 months or sometimes earlier 15,000 National Savings Pakistan Bonds Draws result are given out. In this year 2017, the 15000 worth 15,000 National Savings Bond Draws is going to be the second one and it is going to be held in Lahore on 3rd April, the last one was on January 3rd In Rawalpindi. With the first prizebonds of 30,000,000, 15000 inami bond draws is the 3rd most expensive prize bonds in Pakistan after 25,000 National Savings and 40,000 National Savings bonds. If you own one of these bonds you are eagerly waiting for the draw to happen, well you have to wait no more as in the month of April National Savings bonds of 15,000 worth are going to open. So don’t forget to check QuettaResults.com if you want to know that either did you win a price on this bond or not. You will just need to mention your bond number and the result will be shown to you easily without the need of searching through lists to look for your number. 3rd April 2017 is going to be a day that has been awaited for 3 months as the last draw of 15,000 worth Inamiprize bonds draws list was in January 2017. One can only dream of winning the first prizebonds list in every 15000 bond draws. As the amount is so huge that everyone dreams of winning it but only one lucky winner who is going to be the luckiest of all is going to win this prizelist.


Frist bond Number :791005
Second bond Number :015256 372039 697492

15000 Prize Bond Draw Result in Lahore City on 3rd April 2017

National Savings bonds Draw 15000 Full list At Lahore

The Directorate of National Savings of Pakistan inami bonds  Rs. 15,000 inami bonds draws result on 5th April 2017 are going to be held out in the city of Lahore, it is going to be the 70th draws in 15,000 prize bonds. This bond has the first prize of 30,000,000 (30 crores) which is only 1 prize in this draw, after this huge amount, the second prize in this draw is of 10,000,000 which are only 3 prizes in this and 1696 prizes of 185,000, which is also a huge amount but still of no comparison of 1st and 2nd prize. Even though you need pure luck and prayer to get this type of amount to be drawn on your bond in the draw, but if you get this much amount in the prize draw money you sure can afford all the luxuries you can only dream of. Quettaresults.pk is the best source for you available online to check the National Savings bonds result of any amount and in any draw. If you want to check your National Savings bond efficiently without the need of buying the National Savings bonds draws list, you can visit quettaresults.com on your cell phone or computer or laptop or tablet and easily check if you have won a in the current draw or not just by mentioning your bond number. The lucky winners of the bond prizes will be awarded their prizes by the Directorate of National Savings of Pakistan. On 5th April 15000 National Savings bond draw list will be updated on Quettaresults.pk as soon as possible on 5th April 2017, so do not forget to visit us if you have to check if you did win a prizebonds of not. Keep us bookmarked so that you can easily reach us. We hope that you win the first prize in this draw.



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