Amir Khan to spend £100000 on new orphanage in Pakistan

Amir Khan to spend £100000 on new orphanage in Pakistan

LONDON, May 14 (Online): Amir Khan’s new charity is set to spend £100,000 on a new orphanage in Pakistan.

The Bolton boxer hopes that by giving his name to the foundation, which is being launched on June 14 at the Reebok Stadium, more people will be persuaded to help vulnerable children world-wide.Amir Khan to spend £100000 on new orphanage in Pakistan

The father-to-be, whose wife Faryal is due to give birth to a baby daughter in two weeks’ time, said that The Amir Khan Foundation would be low cost and would plough virtually all of the cash donated back into worthwhile schemes.

Riz Malik, who is working with Amir on the venture, said they were close to setting up a project in the Sudan and will also look to invest in deprived communities in the UK.

Amir said: “I want to have my own name out there and, hopefully, it will persuade people to donate, as they’ll be confident the money will be used properly.

"More of the money will be going to the right places. There won’t be big administration fees on donations.

“What’s the point of donating, when only 30p or 40p in the pound goes to the right people? This will be much higher.”

Amir and his team have visited several Pakistani villages, but are yet to choose a specific location for their first orphanage.

Between £80,000 and £100,000 will be invested, with about 80 of the most vulnerable local children being given shelter and education.

Amir added: “There is no ceiling for this. I want it to be as big as possible.

“There is room for sport and new facilities in this place eventually, but first it’s about getting the basic needs in place.”

Malik said: “Amir feels very passionately and wants to give back to the community now while he is boxing.

“He went out in December to Pakistan on a family holiday and he saw some villages that had been hit by the floods.

“There is a massive need for support for kids and we want to give the kids a good start in life so they can eventually fend for themselves.

“With something like this, we could have chosen a swanky hotel in central London, but we wanted the launch to be in Bolton.”

Amir and his family are also in the process of building a wedding venue in Deane. Work laying the foundations for the £5 million facility is continuing, with the building itself set to start taking shape in about four weeks time.

And on the impending addition to the Khan household, Amir added: “We’re really looking forward to it.

"I hope it is a girl. We’ve done her room out now, so it would be a shame if there were any mistakes with the scan.”

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