Baloch Culture Day 2nd March 2021 Celebrated

Baloch Culture Day 2nd March 2021 Celebrated

Having seen that “Nation means identity of any nation” and “nation never finishes by its people’s deaths
it always finishes when nation forgets its identity”

Baloch culture day is every year celebrated in national and international way E.g.; (Iran, Afghanistan,
Dubai, and Muscat) with great deal of excitement. Baloch people dress in cultural clothing organize
colorful events in many different towns and cities. The main ceremony of international Baloch culture
Day is every year held in Baluchistan University’s Expo where children, man and women come there.
Baloch make up almost 3.6 percent of country population in Pakistan and 50% of Balochistan province.
some of them live in Punjab and some of them live in Sindh.

In short words Baloch are in every part of Pakistan. In Province of Balochistan three major tribes live Baloch , Brahvi and Pashtoon. The Tribal chief of nation is called Sardar and Meer. Meer and Nawabs solve every issue of their tribes which they have. Baloch are united and ready to face any problem. They never give up in any case.

Baloch Culture Day 2nd March 2021 Celebrated

Culture Day 2nd March

There is no doubt that Baloch culture day is celebrated every year on 2nd March to review the precious
history and tradition of Baloch Community in all over the world. On this day Balochi books and magazine
put in a stall so that people may know the history and culture of Baloch. Beside University of Baluchistan
cultural show also holds in Ayub Stadium and Millennium too is also celebrated
officially by chief minister of Balochistan . Chief minister of Balochistan also praises Baloch Nation. It is
attended many folks and cultural show and dances are presented to Chief minister

The people belonging to Baloch caste speak Balochi Language. There are many castes in Baloch nation
which little different in way of speaking but all tribes understand one another well. They live in many
countries too. 2nd March is marked as wearing and showing their identity to world . it is celebrated every
year in world . people wait for this day and even take leave to go and enjoy this day. Every year when it
comes near so they start preparation and in early morning they start their cultural songs.

On this day all people seem as all are Baloch. Pashtoon also respect them and take pictures with them
In Pakistan and especially in Baluchistan Baloch cover their heads with long, white turban “Dastar” and
wear short jacket over their clothes. On this day all men wear white dress and cultural sandals which are
too much expensive and unique in Pakistan. In other hand women like to wear more colorful dresses
that are made by hand having attractive designs. Now a days social Media also supports every culture
and show the culture in TV as well. This day is marked to show identity and culture Despite of having smallest population regarding to other provinces but yet everyone celebrates this day well.

Baloch Culture Day

Children convince their parents to buy new shoes and clothing for them to celebrate this day. children show their dressing to their friends and enjoy this day very well. Girls wear their cultural clothes which are very expensive and they go to their relatives. This day is mostly celebrated out of home because everyone is out of home and show their clothing. White clothes are considered high value in this day. As time passes now a days Baloch also wear black dress and having big Shalwars which seems to much beautiful to them. On this day every page and channel show this culture .

Government has not yet focused on its development but yet people from their sides they celebrate it
well. On this day people from many places come Baluchistan to visit and celebrate this day. Young boys
travel In many places of city and exhibit their culture. It starts from morning to till late night, everywhere
people are seemed in traditional clothes. On Drive Baloch people play cultural songs and near to Bazaar
They Dance on this cultural song.

Balochistan Sports festival Ayub Stadium Quetta 2015

Baloch Culture

History witnesses Baloch are deemed as courageous people and they never break their promises. They
are currently present in every corner of world. they are united and they have proved their ability and
power in all over the world. In Baloch culture, they treat everyone with respect and nobility.

They bow their heads in front of parents and elders. No any younger can talk loudly to his elders because they
have well learnt that elders should be seen in esteem The Baloch culture has very famous musical dances and songs which are performed and played in marriages ceremonies and in festivals.

World expects as Baloch always celebrate this their and languages would live forever in this
world. the substantial aim of celebration of Baloch culture day is to give awareness to people what the
culture is, and how it spread all over the world

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