ICC Approves Revised – Anti-Corruption Code

ICC Approves Revised – Anti-Corruption Code

DUBAI, November 10 (Online): The International Cricket Council approved its revised anti-corruption code on Monday but left it up to home boards to allow banned players to return early to domestic competition.

For a player to return to domestic competition before the expiry of his ban would need the agreement of the chairman of the anti-corruption board, Sir Ronnie Flannagan, and the relevant National Cricket Federation, with the approval of the ICC Board, an ICC release explained.

ICC Approves Revised - Anti-Corruption Code

The revised code will specifically help Pakistan seamer Mohammad Aamer´s early return to domestic cricket, likely in February next year.

Last year, the Pakistan Cricket Board had demanded the ICC relax certain conditions of Aamer´s ban after he pleaded guilty to a spot-fixing crime and then completed the rehabilitation process.

Aamer, now 22, was banned along with Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif in a spot-fixing scandal on Pakistan´s tour of England in 2010.

Aamer was banned for five years, Butt for ten (with five suspended) and Asif for seven (two suspended). The ICC said the revised code would close certain loopholes and address the issue of who has jurisdiction in a particular case.

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