Imran says will announce plan “D” if plan ‘C’ fails

Imran says will announce plan “D” if plan ‘C’ fails

ISLAMABAD, November 30 (Online): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan said that he will announce Plan D if the government doesn’t accept his Plan C.
Speaking to media on Sunday, he said was going to give a plan for the month of December through today’s rally.
The PTI chairman said that his party wanted government to return to the negotiating table and resume talks from where they were suspended. Khan claimed that it was agreed that ISI and MI will also be part of the investigation into poll rigging allegations.

Imran says will announce plan "D" if plan 'C' fails
Imran Khan said that the government was spending Rs30 million on advertisement campaign against him on daily basis.
Khan said that Sunday was the decisive day for his party. The PTI is all set to stage a rally in Islamabad where Khan said he will announce a new campaign against the Nawaz Sharif government.
Imran Khan has been protesting against the government over what he said massive rigging in 2013 general election.
His campaign for vote recount has intensified since August 2014 when he led a long march on the federal capital and camped near the parliament house.

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