Iraqi Forces Can Take Advantage From Pak-Armys Experiences – Al-Hilali

Islamabad, Nov 11: Renowned Islamic scholar from Iraq Sheikh Amaar Al-Hilali has said that increasing the defense ties between Pakistan and Iraq would be in favor of both sides as the Pak Army has a significant role in the region.

While talking to journalists here on Monday, he said that Iraqi forces are in the process of training to battle against Daish and it can take benefit from the experience of Pakistan armed forces in combating terrorism because Pakistan did a lot against this menace.
He said that the unity among Muslims is the need of the hour to thwart the conspiracies of anti-Islam elements as it was the imperative part and parcel of the State of Madina, which can be formed only by creating it among entire Ummah.

Iraqi Forces Can Take Advantage From Pak-Armys Experiences – Al-Hilali

He expressed regret over the prevailing situation of Pak Iraq ties and said the improving the mutual relations between Islamic countries is the requirement of the time. There are at least 16 agreements are laying pending between the two countries, which is at par with the malice with the people of both Islamic states. There is a lot of potential for enhancement of ties in defense, social, political and trade sectors between Pakistan and Iraq.

Shiekh Al-Hilali , who is the representative of globally known spiritual leader Ayat Ullah Yaqoobi is on the official visit to Pakistan has told the media that the illustrious Yaqoobi Foundation is functioning throughout the world in the fields of education healthcare and social sector. It is serving humanity without any discrimination, religion, and sect. Non-Muslims are being given support in Africa and other depressed parts of the world. He said that Ayat Ullah Yaqoobi played an important role on the international level. He raised a voice against the ban of Hijab in France.

He was of the view that the Iraqi people go to India for medical treatment. If an endeavor would be made in this direction the Iraqis can visit Pakistan for getting treatment and in this way the medical tourism can be promoted here.

Pak-Armys Experiences – Al-Hilali

Responding to a question about ISIS, he said that before Daish, the Taliban was active here, who started terrorism and played the havoc in Western Iraq as south and central parts of the country Shia population in majority. However, in the west of Iraq people realized that the Taliban were galling them against Islam. After the defeat of the Taliban, Daish was sent there to misguide the people and slowly the outfit has become a headache for entire Iraq. Now the Iraqi people took the matter seriously.

“At this juncture, Yaqoobi gave a formula that Iraq needs such an army who could fight for Iraq without any prejudice of religion and sect. After that Ayat Ullah Sistani had also issued a decree for the “Jihad-e-Kafai” and then the Iraqi nation stood together to beat Daish. The important thing is that American claimed that Iran could not beat Daish for the next three decades but it defeated Daish in just two and half years”, he added.

He is thankful to the government of Pakistan to give him an opportunity to speak at the Seerat Conference on the eve of the birthday of the last Holy Prophet (SAW). He said that he is feeling just like home in Pakistan.

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