Mobilink 3G USB Price Internet Packages Detail 2014

Mobilink 3G USB Price Internet Packages USB Dongal 2014 Mobilink has launched Speednet as Pakistan first 3G enabled USB Dongle which provides customers high speed internet with plug and play technology. The device comes with free trial for 3G services and offers high speed internet reaching up to 7.2 Mbps. No package is offered during trial service, however when regular service would be available, it would offer packages. This device works with laptop as well as desktop computer of any brand. A software is given alongwith this device that makes it possible to install it in any computer.

Mobilink 3G USB Price Internet Packages Detail 2014

Prices Mobilink USB Dongal Rs 2500

Mobilink 3G USB Dongle Device or Speed Net device has a price of 2500Rs.During Mobilink 3g Trial version Speed Net device will work without any charges. After official launching of Mobilink 3g on 10th May 2014 users can select their 3g package plans on their own requirements.


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