Nawaz Sharif thinks shroud has pockets – Sheikh Rashid

Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said both PML-N and PPP are going to change their politics and they are going to make the beginning of new politics.

“ PPP and PML-N are going to change their politics and make the beginning of new politics. Serving prison term of six or ten years is easy but staging sit in for 126 days is difficult. Maulana Fazlur Rehman should ask his workers. The poor worker has been borne for being used. Now the politics of corpses has come to end. No one can keep a big man in jail. Ill health became a cause for Nawaz Sharif”, he said this while addressing a press conference railway headquarters here Saturday.

Nawaz Sharif thinks shroud has pockets

He went on to say Asif Zardari is a large-hearted person. Those who have shared corruption money with Asif Zardari they are going to start the plea bargain process for him within 10 to 12 days. The matters will be settled within four to five months. The two parties which were to cash Fazl ur Rehman politics have encashed on it.

He said human lives were lost in Liaqat Pur tragedy. The whole nation is grieved over this incident. I am still in depression due to this tragedy.

Citing to Babri Masjid decision he said due to this decision Muslims have become sure why the creation of Pakistan was imperative. Muslims living in India are now looking to Pakistan today.

The inauguration of Kartarpur corridor will lead to boost political harmony, friendship, and brotherhood with Sikhs, he said adding guest rooms are being built for Sikh community in Hassan Abdal as well. This step will promote religious tourism.

shroud has pockets Sheikh Rashid

He noted that Imran Khan has seen Nawaz Sharif matter on humanitarian grounds and Nawaz will depart in a day or two. There is no deal or dheel therein and it is the natural doctrine of necessity. This is a matter of life of a politician in Pakistan politics. The air ambulance is standing in Qatar. It is unfortunate that a disease that is contracted by a politics is not cured in Pakistan. Their children, assets and homes are outside the country.

“I had said that first 15 days of November, December and January are very crucial. I used to say Nawaz Sharif will go outside Pakistan and then people laughed at me.

He observed “ Nawaz Sharif thinks that shroud has pockets. Shahbaz Sharif is an expert in playing on both sides of the wicket.

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