NTS TEST Online – BMC Results 2017

NTS TEST Online – BMC Results 2017

NTS, National Test Service Pakistan was found in July 2002, after the expression of the need of an organization which can do a test service in the national education policy and information technology policy in the policies of the government of Pakistan.  NTS Tests covers many universities Aptitude tests and different types of test, NTS test results are given out on a specific date after the tests are conducted. NTS is the first testing organization in Pakistan which is self-sustained. NTS conducts assessments and tests which determine many things like Aptitude test, admission test, scholarships, recruitment and promotion purposes as NTS test results are purely based on the skills and knowledge you possess there is no chance of corruption in these NTS Test results. NTS has completed (14) fourteen years of succession. Bolan medical college Quetta also held an aptitude test in coalition with NTS on 29-01-2017. Bolan medical college Quetta is one of the best medical colleges in Baluchistan where students from all over the province come to get the medical education after being selected in the aptitude test, Bolan Medical college offers different subject programs related to the field of medical. It was established in 1972 by the education minister of that time. Those students who have applied for the entry test and have given it already are waiting for the NTS test result to be announced by the NTS as the tests were held by NTS. The test results will be available on Quettaresults.com as it’s the site of the Quetta city and handles all the result information about all NTS tests and different types of exams held throughout the Pakistan. QuettaResults.com is the best source of news related to the education system of Pakistan, the website keeps you updated on matters like NTS test result, Prize bond Results, PEC exam results and all other types of results of which students are eagerly waiting.


What is NTS?

NTS is now an important part of the policy which plays a vital role in promoting merit and education of quality which at college and universities. NTS test service always strives for the best and ensures excellence and quality in the NTS test results. These tests are carried out with accuracy and transparently under high-security arrangements so that justice and equality without the chance of any cheating are ensured. NTS’s mission is to build and promote standards in educational and professional testing and assessments. As the NTS covers many colleges and universities and organization’s assessments, they carry out a methodology in giving the NTS test results. Before giving out results directly they display answer keys on their website so the person who was given the test can know how good or bad marks he or she is going to get. With over 500 organization affiliated with NTS, NTS test results take a significant amount of time before being announced and when they are announced you can easily check the results on the website QuettaResults.com.

As over 500 organizations and universities/ colleges from all over the Pakistan use NTS for their assessments aptitude tests and different type of tests, it shows that NTS is being triumphed in gaining the trust of organizations and citizens, as there are many books and institutes which help you prepare for the NTS test in your relevant field according to your organization. In the year 2017 until now 230 NTS tests have been conducted which out of which 226 results have been announced. These tests were of different assessments and of different universities and organizations which were looking forward to different purposes like promoting test, screening test, recruitment test etc.


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