Pakistan Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 Update

The National Savings Pakistan has announced the Prize Bond draws are held every quarterly. Pakistan Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 Update According to the Prize Bond Schedule, the Latest Prize Bond Draw is held in different cities and price of Pakistan. Pakistan Prize Bond Schedule 2020 Results Prize Bond list prizes for Denominations of Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000 and latest national saving prize bond draw schedule. The Complete Pakistan Prize Bond Schedule 2020 given below.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020

Day/Date Rs. 40,000 (Premium) Rs. 25,000 Rs. 15,000 Rs. 7,500 Rs. 1,500 Rs. 750 Rs. 200 Rs. 100
02-01-2020 (Thu) Quetta
15-01-2020 (Wed) Karachi
03-02-2020 (Mon) Faisalabad Hyderabad
17-02-2020 (Mon) Rawalpindi Peshawar
10-03-2020 (Tue) Multan
16-03-2020 (Mon) Muzaffarabad
01-04-2020 (Wed) Faisalabad
15-04-2020 (Wed) Hyderabad
04-05-2020 (Mon) Rawalpindi Peshawar
15-05-2020 (Fri) Muzaffarabad Lahore
10-06-2020 (Wed) Karachi
15-06-2020 (Mon) Quetta
02-07-2020 (Thu) Hyderabad
15-07-2020 (Wed) Muzaffarabad
03-08-2020 (Mon) Lahore Faisalabad
17-08-2020 (Mon) Multan Quetta
10-09-2020 (Thu) Rawalpindi
15-09-2020 (Tue) Peshawar
01-10-2020 (Thu) Multan
15-10-2020 (Thu) Lahore
02-11-2020 (Mon) Peshawar Karachi
16-11-2020 (Mon) Quetta Faisalabad
10-12-2020 (Thu) Hyderabad
15-12-2020 (Tue) Rawalpindi

Pakistan Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 Update Quetta Regional Directorate of National Finance, Government of Pakistan Ministry of Finance According to a statement of National Savings Quetta, the 81st revised date of bonds worth Rs. 15000 / – under the National Directorate of National Savings on 02-01-2020 on Thursday. Pakistan Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 Update Mushtaq Ahmed, Principal Medical Officer (Retd) Health Department will be held at 9 o’clock in the morning at the State Bank of Pakistan Quetta, under the supervision of the Government of Balochistan Quetta.Pakistan Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 Update  Prizes The first prize is Rs 30,000,000 / – (one prize) The second prize is Rs 10,000,000 / – (three prizes), the third prize is Rs 185,000 / – (1696). There is a demand from the public.

How Search prize bond draws?

you can search it easily our site we upload full list of prize bond draw

When can I buy prize bonds?

you can buy it on state Bank of Pakistan easily .

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