Prize Bond Quetta Rs 1500 Full list 16th November 2015

Prize Bond Quetta Rs 1500 Full list 16th November 2015

The central directorate of national saving govt of Pakistan will announce prize bond draw results of rs 1500 list on 16th November 2015.

The list of prize bond draw results rs 1500 at Quetta, 16th November 2015. The draw list be available here if will be provided the state bank of Pakistan .

Full List of Prize bond Rs 1500 at Quetta City

Pakistan National Savings Bond prize draw has been held at the government. 1500 rs full list results prize bond draw 16th November 2015 at Quetta in .Bond prize list will be available soon. 16th November 2015. 2nd Prize Bonds Prize Bond draw , National Savings Bond prize money. 15000 15 02-07-2015 Quetta Nov , draw on money online. 16th November 2015, the Government of Pakistan to the list of 1500 16 Nov 2015. National savings held in Quetta city of 15,00 is the prize of Rs.1500 in Quetta on 64th Bond Bond prize draw raffle has been held.  16th Nov 2015 the day (rs 1500) prize bond list 2015 Quetta national saving prize bond full 1500 list will be held a prize bond draw on 06 Nov 2015.

You can see the draw list of prize bond of rs 1500,the 64th bond prize bond Quetta rs 1500 full list 16th November 2015.

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