PTA completes biometric verification of 72 million SIMs

PTA completes biometric verification of 72 million SIMs

ISLAMABAD, Feb 26 (Online): The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has completed the biometric verification of 72 million subscriber identification modules (SIMs).

The first phase of the verification process of over 100 million SIMs which began on 12 January will be completed by midnight. The PTA added that over 10 million SIMs had been cancelled in the first phase as they were not verified.

According to the PTA, three or more SIMs issued on a single CNIC will be cancelled if they are not verified by midnight.

The second phase of biometric verification for individuals who have two SIMs issued on their CNIC will begin from February 27 and last till March 14.
In order to have cancelled SIMs reissued, individuals will have to pass through the biometric verification process and the SIMs will only be delivered on the address provided.

The third phase will be conducted from March 14 till April 12 after which an advertisement campaign will be launched for illegal SIMs.

The national database is being compiled as part of the government’s plan to curb terrorism in the wake of the December 16 Peshawar school attack.

Since the new measure was announced earlier this year, citizens have been lining up at cellphone stores, in front of mobile vans, and kiosks around the country to scan their fingerprints and verify their identities.

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