PTA Sets Up Monitoring – Cell for SIM-related complaints

Islamabad, November 21 Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has successfully deployed Biometric Verification System (BVS) for issuance of SIMs. With a view to enhance efficacy of the system, a monitoring Cell has been established at PTA Headquarters.

The Cell shall receive complaints from Law Enforcement Agencies and the general public through various channels. For this purpose a dedicated email address and SMS short-code have been created which are [email protected] and 6688 respectively.
PTA Sets Up Monitoring - Cell for SIM-related complaints

Apart from this, complaints can also be communicated through fixed line number051-9207059 and fax number 051-2878139. The facility of a toll free number i.e.0800-55055 is also available, free of cost.

The complaints shall be investigated and results shall be shared with relevant quarters for taking remedial measures. General public is encouraged to come forward and inform PTA regarding any complaints and violation observed in issuance of SIMs.


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