Rehman Malik pins Karachi bloodshed on Taliban

KARACHI, May 4 (Online): Urging Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) to withdraw an ultimatum it gave to the government to recover its missing workers, Senator Rheman Malik Sunday pinned the bloodshed, rampant in Karachi, on Taliban.

“I will myself go to MQM headquarters, Nine Zero, to condole the tragic deaths of activists. No one wants MQM workers to be killed that too extra-judicially. Party leader Altaf Hussain has always cooperated with us. We will not leave him alone in this trying time”, said he in a statement issued here on Sunday.Rehman Malik pins Karachi bloodshed on Taliban

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader appealed to the leadership of MQM to call off a probable protest the party was likely to launch if the government failed to apprehend the slayers of its workers.

Talking around plainclothesmen’s extrajudicial actions, the former interior minister declared Taliban militants were behind the violent crimes plaguing the metropolis.

“Taliban say the terrorism will continue in Karachi. Keeping this in view, a decisive action against the extremists as indispensible to make Karachi a cradle of peace for good”, Rehman Malik said.


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