Sibi Mela Photos 2015

Sibi Mela Photos 2015

Sibi March 8: Sibi, Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch culture Mehr Garh, 10 thousand-year-long great history, strong, Sibi Mela knee State, political, economic and cultural environment and to provide a better source said our historical festival Speaking at a function with history interwoven, tradition does increase the splendor of Hyderabad, Hyderabad He expressed these views. Cell culture hub of Sibi, Balochistan Chief Minister said, 10 thousand year long history and Sibi Mela province and the country’s political, economic, social and cultural context and Sibi Mela adds political, economic, cultural, entertainment and providers A better way to have a chance.Sibi Mela Photos 2015

He said the provincial government to give our people desire peace, peace is dedicated to the development, contribute to the success of the government’s efforts to restore peace, the improvement of education for serious action government, a copy of the test effective measures to eradicate, the target public schools enroll fill your campaign is launched and 7 children, while 6 million people in schools, especially local representatives should make the campaign successful future matbryn talents and knowledge, will yield.

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He said the provincial government gradually water, health and education sectors will be transferred to the local authorities, local government representatives of the public service blatmyz prefer prosperity and happiness. After leading trade and facilities in Balochistan Quetta, Sibi Minister was the second city of the past two decades, the city is a bit barren wastelands street and street drains are clogged with garbage, Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Khan University waiter trains on railway section of Sibi, Harnai Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif maintenance and federal Saad, has promised the gift, not only for the region but also educational revolution announced that pay Chief Minister of Hyderabad city are water supply, sanitation, education and other facilities will be restored fort crore.historical announced a package of Rs 50.

Sibi Sibi Sibi Library The Press Club Bar Association, 10, 10 million, Karachi flowers, a million to 10 million, Frontier Corps and Cadet College Mastung halberdier 50 teams, plus 50 thousand rupees) Gliders ( Aircraft pilots middle school English speech announced Rs 25 for children. Finally, the rich and cash prizes and the slope develop umuysyun content.


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