UOS BA Date Sheet 2014 – University of Sargodha BSc Date Sheet 2014

UOS BA Date Sheet 2014 – University of Sargodha BSc Date Sheet 2014

BA BSc Annual Exams Date Sheet 2014 University of Sargodha  online Download Sargodha District lies between the rivers Jhelum and the Chenab and is a part of the 'Chaj' Doab (land between the two rivers). Its headquarter, the city of Sargodha, was founded in the year 1903; the area had long cultural and political history. Its very location made it the cross-road of various invaders coming from the north-west. Thus it became a meeting place of different people and a melting-pot of diverse cultures in ancient times. In the early era, the area of Sargodha District had been rich in art and culture. It was part of the Indus Valley Civilization, a centre of the Rag Vedic tradition, and being part of Gandhara province, a flourishing centre of Gandhara School of sculpture. But the frequent foreign invasions from the north-west created social instability and the cultural tradition could not be stabilized. Especially the HUN invasions of the 4th century A.D. were marked by massacre, rapine and fire.

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BA BSc University of Sargodha Date Sheet 2014

They swept away everything before them, leaving the region a prey to chaos and vulgar superstitions. During the Muslim and British periods of the history of South Asia, centralized kingdoms were established in the country with the capital mostly at Delhi. The Sargodha region became an area far remote from the centre. All attention of the government was concentrated on the areas adjoining the central or provincial capitals and the Sargodha region was completely ignored. The people of the region were deprived of the educational facilities.
Before the establishment of Pakistan, there was only one college (established in 1929) in the District, located at Shahpur, which catered to the educational needs of the surrounding districts of Khushab, Mianwali and Bhakkar. One year before Independence, Government College was shifted from Shahpur to Sargodha. In the new environment, imbibed with the new spirit of freedom, this institution made rapid progress, developing itself into a mini-university, having started post-graduate classes in eight disciplines in 1987-88. Government College Sargodha had a vast lush green campus spread over more than one hundred acres of land. It was like an oasis of calm and green at the midst of a bustling city. In 2002, Government College was upgraded into a University.


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