Warid 4G LTE Internet Packages in Pakistan

Warid 4G LTE Internet Packages in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (Online): Warid 4G LTE official now; Warid is coming with 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) technology in Pakistan soon as the cellular service provider has revealed the first 4G LTE poster today.

There were speculations about Warid’s 4G LTE plan as Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was not approving it.Warid 4G LTE Internet Packages in Pakistan

But since the company has launched the first ad, it hints that that PTA and Warid has reached some consensus. But there is no official statement from PTA on this matter until now.

Remember that, Warid did not take part in PTA’s 3G and 4G technology auction. And it was the only service provider with no new tech.

Warid Announced 4G LTE NetWork

The biggest concerned party here is Zong as it is the only company to have the ownership of 4G in Pakistan but now Warid has gone a step ahead with 4G LTE. Let’s see how Zong will react.

Here take a look at the poster; Warid Telecom of Pakistan today went public with press ads (produced above) about its plans for going 4G LTE, to possibly become the first operator in the market to deploy 4G LTE network in the country.
Despite not participating in recently held 3G / 4G auctio

n, Warid has decided to go 4G LTE with its available spectrum that it had bought in 2004.Warid has currently around 12 million subscribers. It has 8.8Mhz spectrum from 1800Mhz band in addition to 5Mhz in 900Mhz band, which it had bought at the time of launch in 2004.Warid Telecom Service is going to start the 4G LTE Internet Network Packages in Pakistan Announce soon.

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