Zardari slams door on – ‘suspected defectors’

Zardari slams door on – ‘suspected defectors’

LAHORE, December 02 (Online): looking down upon Imran Khan as a politician devoid of political vision, Co-Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari Tuesday bawled out at his party’s ‘suspected future defectors’, who were likely flapping their wings to fly to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) camp.
“Be my guest, if you want to part ways with Bhutto’s party to join those (PTI) who are wrapped around ‘umpire’s finger’ (an indirect reference to establishment)’ If you cannot serve the workers/people then party doesn’t need you anymore,” the PPP leader told his party’s leadership as well as workers during a
Making an allusion to Khan’s ‘blockupation’ like protest campaign, he said the federal capital (Islamabad) was not some ‘Temple of Somnath’ that anyone could invade as many times as they wanted.

Zardari slams door on - 'suspected defectors'
“We cannot jam the country because the nation, politics, and history cannot be punished for ‘one’ crime”, Zardari said claiming he was cognizant of what was going on and had his eyes on everything.
He said that PPP, for the first time raised slogan of ‘Go Baba Go’ but they did not let the system collapse.
Zardari also said that there is no Somnath Temple but democracy in Islamabad and thus they cannot attack it.Those who disagree to this may report to the people who are waiting for the decision of the third umpire, he added.

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